Electric Scooter Last Mile Surfer from Volkswagen can go in car trunk

Reputable car manufacturer of origin Germany, Volswagen (VW), is preparing a new vehicle products in the form of a scooter. Its name is the Last Mile Surfers who have a form of futuristic enough. The good news, this scooter will no longer be marketed. Later scooters that operates with electric power is becoming strong competitors of the brand of the Segway.

Cited page of Oto Leftanenews, Seconds later the VW scooters can be used as a tool for mobile activity. There are three cars and can be used as a vehicle shuttle. For example take harga yamaha mt 25 terbaru the driver of the car from the parking lot toward the workplace, or vice versa. Therefore, VW has the target consumers are those in urban areas. They often mamarkirkan his car quite a distance from where the intended recipients and may be tiring of the foot when walking.

The size of the scooter Last Mile Surfer is pretty mini. Pirantinya can be put in a car trunk by way of folding it. It weighs only 11 pounds. When enabled, this scooter steering handlebars can grow so comfortable to wear as a means to control the speed and direction of the running control. As a source of power lithium-ion battery pack that can be used for journeys of up to 20 kilometres when fully charged.

The question of speed has not been confirmed by VW. But due to worn to substitute walking, chances are its speed slightly faster than people who are walking or running. Minimum functions to prevent someone tired can be fulfilled.

The price offered for the scooter Last Mile this Surfer around Rp 14 million per unit. Estimated launch in 2016. In that year also featured the plan from Japan manufacturers which will also release of robot ridable berjuuk Winglet that has the same functionality as the Segway.

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