Lexus IS 200t Powered Gahar Sold 3 August 2015, starting price Rp 500 Million

Lexus IS 200t released with prices around Usd 500 million to Usd 542 millions. This car for a while will be available in Japan starting August 3, 2015. This vehicle is expected to be the choice for automotive consumers who crave big-powered vehicles.

On Lexus IS 200t, FR engine embedded in the kitchen was already complete with turbo. Turbo in-line engine of 2.0 liters of the may issue of power to 245 PS. In addition it has also harga honda sonic 150r repsol edition been equipped twin scroll turbo charger and Dual VVT-iW through expansion of the angle varabel. 200t is also wearing D-4ST injection system for the treatment of its fuel saving FUEL usage.

In addition, the use of this injection system takes part raises big torque but in lower rounds. Premises so acceleration becomes more smooth. All of it combined with an automatic transmission electronicallu 8 controlled acceleration. The sporty look of the car bak impression from here. Then, there’s the performance put a damper on the front for the sake of getting sharper handling and control.

Presence IS 200t become partners from IS 300h (AWD) and IS 350. The price for IS 300 h is 4.999.000 yen to 6.278.000 yen or roughly Rp 544 millions – Rp 683 millions. For 350h price IS starting to 5.443.000 yen-6.190.000 yen or approximately Usd 592 millions to Rp 684 millions.

Lexus IS300h (AWD) one step more advanced than IS 200t. The car has been equipped with a Torsen LSD makes the front and rear wheels being powered. The system also performs the distribution of torque transmission so that it was able to increase the dar performance and handling is good. Lexus also has been improving the accuracy of counter gears so it can lower the noise level.

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