Pertalite has been officially marketed some time ago

Pertalite has been officially marketed some time ago. This promising fuel quality is better than the kind of Premium, however lower than the Builtin. Price not to be embedded is far from Premium by approximately Rp 1,000. Pertaliter price of Rp 8,400 per liter and this number still promo price.

Indeed not all GAS STATIONS provide Pertalite. Pertamina recently did the market test harga yamaha nmax jakarta conducted in several cities. In the future, fuel is immediately distributed nationwide and is expected to become an attraction for the public to switch from subsidized or Premium fuel.

Quoted from pages Okezone, between Pertalite with Premium has a number of fundamental differences. Pertalite are produced with the highest levels of octane or research octane number (RON) of 91. Meanwhile Premium only got RON 88. Both of these values are making both have different usage on engine type motor according to the ratio of its.

Premium fit only to be used for the motor had a compression ratio of the engine under 9.0. Meanwhile, Pertalite is highly recommended for motor vehicle engines have a compression ratio 9.0 – 10.0. The actual motor output that most already have a compression ratio of the engine above 9.0 inappropriate again using Premium.

Low octane value with high machine ratio thus may give rise to effects that make knocking power declined and fuel wastage occurs. Prolonged Knoking thus could harm the piston.

In addition, Pertalite is more environmentally friendly. Fuel with clear green color has no lead content which endanger health. While it’s less environmentally friendly Premium. Air emissions are produced from Premium is greater

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