Cheap car Datsun back “Tortured” via Hammer-Toraja

After successfully completing the route to Manado and Gorontalo in the Datsun Risers Expedition (DRE) of the wave II stage one in Sulawesi, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) went on a trip back from the dealer of Palu on Tuesday (15/9/2015). This time the trip will explore exotic lands along the Hammer towards the Toraja in the span of 15-17 September, using the vehicle of the Panca Datsun GO +.

Indriani Hadiwidjaja, Head of Datsun, Datsun explain Indonesia took a bold move into harga honda vario 150 indonesia a cheap car and products environmentally friendly (low cost and green car/LCGC) first and only dare to travel long distances, the circumference of Indonesia.

“We want to show the confidence in the quality of our products, while also putting the relevance of cultural context in the Datsun brand local Indonesia to hold the risers with Datsun,” says the woman who greeted familiar Indri, in its official description.

Eighteen risers with a convoy of 6 units of Datsun GO + Panca will shove off from a hammer to the Toraja passing through a variety of conditions, ranging from the asphalt path, soils, gravel till berbatuan. A view of Palm forest and visit local sights like the mountain burial cave Miss, Londa, and Ke’te Kesu (both are in Rantepao) so layover schedule participants.

Participants were also asked to disseminate their stories through social media. “Through the campaign in a variety of social media, we’re hoping the expedition could increase appreciation of the richness of the cultures of Indonesia and risers can inspire others to join us,” said Indri.

DRE Sulawesi will continue the last stage from Makassar to Toraja and back to Macassar through Tanjung Bira, on September 29 to October 1, 2015.