The community of Etios Distributes clean water to the Citizens of attack

The rain that has not failed to come in several areas in Indonesia to make local residents lack clean water. On the basis of a sense of humanity, the community of Toyota Etios hatchback Valco lovers Club Indonesia (TEVCI) moving more real shows the action concerned.


At the end of last week, the TEVCI side by side with the Veloz Community (Velozity) deploying event charity program by harga yamaha byson fi baru funneling water to the needy. Two places chosen i.e. villages in Carenang and in Cikande, Serang, Banten. The region is determined because the rated most difficult get clean water.

The help clean water come using transport trucks. Location of delivery starts from the village of Walikukun in Carenang at 10.00 am and then continues to the Cikande. Of the photographs presented in the official release of TEVCI locals look enthusiastically lining up while carrying a bucket.

“Thank God I’m so glad with the help of clean water, that can help our citizens who are the difficulty of clean water. I thanked him once to TEVCI and Velozity, may still care about one another, “said Asep, head of Walikukun.

Meanwhile, Chairman TEVCI, Tamhid Amali said, channeling the water clean as this is the first, but will not stop when it is felt there are still areas in need.

“Hopefully the help clean water can be beneficial to residents who receive. This includes our social agenda, previously we often also do like blood donation, emissions testing, medical examinations, and assistance to orphanages, the elderly and victims of disaster, “said Tamhid.