The Cost Of Replacing The “Airbag”, Expensive!

The Cost Of Replacing The “Airbag”, Expensive!
Current air bags safety devices or better known as airbags been customarily available on cars sold in Indonesia. In fact, the later model car of similar cheap and environmentally friendly (low cost and green car/LCGC) only have started to equip yourself with this safety component.

This component was created as an additional protective for the driver or passengers in the vehicle, so as not to bump the dash or steering wheel section when there are accidents. One thing to note for consumers, airbags can only serve one time if it expands, so must be replaced immediately with a new one so that it could function again.

Then approximately how many consumers have to spend money to replace disposable components? Auto2000 Technician foreman Cempaka Putih, Gesang Pranoto tried to explain it to us, related costs of installation of airbags that has already exploded.

According to Gesang, the cost must be issued the consumer vary per type of vehicle. Mounting hardware is also done so that the package cannot dicicil mengeluarga cost relatively quite expensive.

“There are at least four components that need replacing, and the price is also not cheap. So be careful in driving, so that accidents can be avoided, also no airbags inflate. Because of the loss will be doubled, “said Gesang, Monday (14/9/2015).

Gesang by mounting this airbag back, could take up to two days, depending on the damage. If the airbags only exploded without any damage in the body, the workmanship can be less than one day.