Tiger Woods wife chill the Hearts with snow

Tiger Woods wife chill the Hearts with snow
Who’s not angry, knowing her husband is having an affair with a dozen women. In fact, two of them is a professional porn star. Tiger Woods wife, Elin Her ever trying to cool the heart with snow.

These gorgeous models leaving the husband who has been in the United States was cb150r streetfire 2015 betrayed, and he secretly went to the snowy region in the French Alps, as quoted okezone, Saturday (2/1/2010).

He is staying at a villa in the area of mountains with the rent of 5,000 pounds sterling (Rp75 million) per night. Her stay at villa near the picturesque resort of Francis in Chamonix.

His twin brother, Josefin and five friends are nearby. They have a party by hiring a number of security Francis.

This talented skiers arrive in Charmonix last Sunday and he has spent a lot of time in his villa in Les Houches, 15 minutes from the main sanctuary.
In an opportunity this mother of two children go outside to ski, but he changed his mind because of the heavy rain, then he went back to the inside.

On new year’s Eve, he went out partying that started a new beginning in expensive restaurants in Chamonix. And yesterday, Josephin appeared with skillful passing through the snow with ski slopes.

Villa hired Elin is the most expensive villas in the area with the inside there are 7 bedrooms, hot tub, and a full staff including a cook.
Close friends say Elin every day wake up around 6.30 and being alone, keeping his family’s lifestyle.

He has not been seen together since Tiger car crash in Florida which was later reveal a number of selingkungan and unload tangling their household.

A friend told TheSun, Elin want bring their family and friends nearby, away from the Tiger. “He’s in total was torn into two parts over what Tiger did to him,” he said.

However, he still viewed the future with Tiger because he has two children they already have. Elin told Tiger that he takes a long time to figure out how the chances of saving their marriage.

Meanwhile, Tiger is rumored to look along with Rachel Uchitel, the first woman to get in touch with him, in a party in Palm Beach, Florida.