Vehicle accident on Highway 10 TB Simatupang

The night of the turn of the new year back is decorated with things that are not desirable. At least 10 vehicles in traffic accident, Jakarta.
Based on information from TMC Polda Metro, Friday (1/1/2010), ten vehicles crashed the sedan car B is 1086 OUR YC, Xenia B 1616 OS, the Grand Livina B 2625 OI, Kijang Inova B 1801 PFE, 2205 B sedan EW, Avanza B 1316 RF, Avanza, Xenia ZO 2119 B B 2152 LI, Taxi B 1256 F. Q., and pikup F 8015 FS.

The incidence of harga honda vario 110 injeksi accidents occurred at the toll road TB Simatupang KM 29 towards Kampung Rambutan. The events happened around 9 pm, Thursday night.

Currently, ten such vehicles are already being brought into the Office Unit Laka Satwil South Jakarta, to dicaritahu the cause of the accident.

However, this incident did not cause any casualties and only resulted in the loss of material only.