Mazda Launches New Concept Sports Car


mazda 2

Mazda Motor Corporation will launch the latest model sports car concept in the automotive exhibition Tokyo Motor Show 2015 which took place on 30 October – 8 November.

“The design of a sports car which will be launched in Tokyo has a modern concept with nuances and retaining the authenticity of his predecessors by bringing together harga yamaha mio m3 terbaru the history of Mazda sports cars in one model,” an official statement to the press in the broadcast Mazda Between News, Friday, October 2, 2015.

Through the silhouette photo model concept sports car, Mazda’s latest look of a sport sedan with a bodywork dent smooth car long snout, demonstrate the power of the engine, as well as the glossy display depicts the luxury.

In General, in the exhibition Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda brought 14 models, including the concept of the crossover Mazda Koeru who will perform the premiere of in Japan. Mazda Koeru will be exhibited along the model of the latest generation Skyactiv Technology and design of the Kodo-Soul of Motion.

Mazda also ascertained will showcase two types of racing-spec, namely Mazda Roadster (known as the Mazda MX-5 outside of Japan) as well as the Mazda Cosmo Sport, first introduced in 1967.

“In this exhibition, Mazda will accentuate racing-spec Roadsters and Cosmo Sport that complements the look of typical Mazda engineering travel history that always wants to give new innovation,” the statement.

As for the theme of Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is “to Accelerate Toward Our Dreams” which means Mazda will approach the brand with a unique way to provide driving pleasure.