Mazda Launches New Concept Sports Car


mazda 2

Mazda Motor Corporation will launch the latest model sports car concept in the automotive exhibition Tokyo Motor Show 2015 which took place on 30 October – 8 November.

“The design of a sports car which will be launched in Tokyo has a modern concept with nuances and retaining the authenticity of his predecessors by bringing together harga yamaha mio m3 terbaru the history of Mazda sports cars in one model,” an official statement to the press in the broadcast Mazda Between News, Friday, October 2, 2015.

Through the silhouette photo model concept sports car, Mazda’s latest look of a sport sedan with a bodywork dent smooth car long snout, demonstrate the power of the engine, as well as the glossy display depicts the luxury.

In General, in the exhibition Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda brought 14 models, including the concept of the crossover Mazda Koeru who will perform the premiere of in Japan. Mazda Koeru will be exhibited along the model of the latest generation Skyactiv Technology and design of the Kodo-Soul of Motion.

Mazda also ascertained will showcase two types of racing-spec, namely Mazda Roadster (known as the Mazda MX-5 outside of Japan) as well as the Mazda Cosmo Sport, first introduced in 1967.

“In this exhibition, Mazda will accentuate racing-spec Roadsters and Cosmo Sport that complements the look of typical Mazda engineering travel history that always wants to give new innovation,” the statement.

As for the theme of Mazda at Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is “to Accelerate Toward Our Dreams” which means Mazda will approach the brand with a unique way to provide driving pleasure.


“Ferrari” ala USA

Italy may be elated at since it’s got sports cars like Ferrari. But the United States (u.s.) apparently also want to ‘ colonize ‘ European countries.

Recently the us has preached Worldcarfans undertook trials super car Rossion Q1. Its shape is similar to the output of Ferrari cars.

The presence of this sports car is indeed intended to rival Ferrari. Even the testing conducted on the streets of Italy as well as in other parts of Europe.

Built by 1 g Racing and Automotive, Rossion Q1 is taken from the base of the Noble M400. The sports car using a 3.5 litre biturbo V6 engine capable of producing power of 450 horsepower with torque reaching 390 ft-lb.

For accelerates 0-100 km/h the Q1 takes 7.7 seconds. And when in this car, pol geber stuck in the speed of 305 km/h.

The machine by the technicians coupled with a Getrag 6-speed manual transmission. Q1 also use Quaife technology limited-slip rear differential.

Unfortunately there has been no official information on whether Q1 will be mass produced and released to the world market to challenge Ferrari.

Tiger Woods wife chill the Hearts with snow

Tiger Woods wife chill the Hearts with snow
Who’s not angry, knowing her husband is having an affair with a dozen women. In fact, two of them is a professional porn star. Tiger Woods wife, Elin Her ever trying to cool the heart with snow.

These gorgeous models leaving the husband who has been in the United States was cb150r streetfire 2015 betrayed, and he secretly went to the snowy region in the French Alps, as quoted okezone, Saturday (2/1/2010).

He is staying at a villa in the area of mountains with the rent of 5,000 pounds sterling (Rp75 million) per night. Her stay at villa near the picturesque resort of Francis in Chamonix.

His twin brother, Josefin and five friends are nearby. They have a party by hiring a number of security Francis.

This talented skiers arrive in Charmonix last Sunday and he has spent a lot of time in his villa in Les Houches, 15 minutes from the main sanctuary.
In an opportunity this mother of two children go outside to ski, but he changed his mind because of the heavy rain, then he went back to the inside.

On new year’s Eve, he went out partying that started a new beginning in expensive restaurants in Chamonix. And yesterday, Josephin appeared with skillful passing through the snow with ski slopes.

Villa hired Elin is the most expensive villas in the area with the inside there are 7 bedrooms, hot tub, and a full staff including a cook.
Close friends say Elin every day wake up around 6.30 and being alone, keeping his family’s lifestyle.

He has not been seen together since Tiger car crash in Florida which was later reveal a number of selingkungan and unload tangling their household.

A friend told TheSun, Elin want bring their family and friends nearby, away from the Tiger. “He’s in total was torn into two parts over what Tiger did to him,” he said.

However, he still viewed the future with Tiger because he has two children they already have. Elin told Tiger that he takes a long time to figure out how the chances of saving their marriage.

Meanwhile, Tiger is rumored to look along with Rachel Uchitel, the first woman to get in touch with him, in a party in Palm Beach, Florida.

Vehicle accident on Highway 10 TB Simatupang

The night of the turn of the new year back is decorated with things that are not desirable. At least 10 vehicles in traffic accident, Jakarta.
Based on information from TMC Polda Metro, Friday (1/1/2010), ten vehicles crashed the sedan car B is 1086 OUR YC, Xenia B 1616 OS, the Grand Livina B 2625 OI, Kijang Inova B 1801 PFE, 2205 B sedan EW, Avanza B 1316 RF, Avanza, Xenia ZO 2119 B B 2152 LI, Taxi B 1256 F. Q., and pikup F 8015 FS.

The incidence of harga honda vario 110 injeksi accidents occurred at the toll road TB Simatupang KM 29 towards Kampung Rambutan. The events happened around 9 pm, Thursday night.

Currently, ten such vehicles are already being brought into the Office Unit Laka Satwil South Jakarta, to dicaritahu the cause of the accident.

However, this incident did not cause any casualties and only resulted in the loss of material only.

The Cost Of Replacing The “Airbag”, Expensive!

The Cost Of Replacing The “Airbag”, Expensive!
Current air bags safety devices or better known as airbags been customarily available on cars sold in Indonesia. In fact, the later model car of similar cheap and environmentally friendly (low cost and green car/LCGC) only have started to equip yourself with this safety component.

This component was created as an additional protective for the driver or passengers in the vehicle, so as not to bump the dash or steering wheel section when there are accidents. One thing to note for consumers, airbags can only serve one time if it expands, so must be replaced immediately with a new one so that it could function again.

Then approximately how many consumers have to spend money to replace disposable components? Auto2000 Technician foreman Cempaka Putih, Gesang Pranoto tried to explain it to us, related costs of installation of airbags that has already exploded.

According to Gesang, the cost must be issued the consumer vary per type of vehicle. Mounting hardware is also done so that the package cannot dicicil mengeluarga cost relatively quite expensive.

“There are at least four components that need replacing, and the price is also not cheap. So be careful in driving, so that accidents can be avoided, also no airbags inflate. Because of the loss will be doubled, “said Gesang, Monday (14/9/2015).

Gesang by mounting this airbag back, could take up to two days, depending on the damage. If the airbags only exploded without any damage in the body, the workmanship can be less than one day.

Cheap car Datsun back “Tortured” via Hammer-Toraja

After successfully completing the route to Manado and Gorontalo in the Datsun Risers Expedition (DRE) of the wave II stage one in Sulawesi, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) went on a trip back from the dealer of Palu on Tuesday (15/9/2015). This time the trip will explore exotic lands along the Hammer towards the Toraja in the span of 15-17 September, using the vehicle of the Panca Datsun GO +.

Indriani Hadiwidjaja, Head of Datsun, Datsun explain Indonesia took a bold move into harga honda vario 150 indonesia a cheap car and products environmentally friendly (low cost and green car/LCGC) first and only dare to travel long distances, the circumference of Indonesia.

“We want to show the confidence in the quality of our products, while also putting the relevance of cultural context in the Datsun brand local Indonesia to hold the risers with Datsun,” says the woman who greeted familiar Indri, in its official description.

Eighteen risers with a convoy of 6 units of Datsun GO + Panca will shove off from a hammer to the Toraja passing through a variety of conditions, ranging from the asphalt path, soils, gravel till berbatuan. A view of Palm forest and visit local sights like the mountain burial cave Miss, Londa, and Ke’te Kesu (both are in Rantepao) so layover schedule participants.

Participants were also asked to disseminate their stories through social media. “Through the campaign in a variety of social media, we’re hoping the expedition could increase appreciation of the richness of the cultures of Indonesia and risers can inspire others to join us,” said Indri.

DRE Sulawesi will continue the last stage from Makassar to Toraja and back to Macassar through Tanjung Bira, on September 29 to October 1, 2015.

The community of Etios Distributes clean water to the Citizens of attack

The rain that has not failed to come in several areas in Indonesia to make local residents lack clean water. On the basis of a sense of humanity, the community of Toyota Etios hatchback Valco lovers Club Indonesia (TEVCI) moving more real shows the action concerned.


At the end of last week, the TEVCI side by side with the Veloz Community (Velozity) deploying event charity program by harga yamaha byson fi baru funneling water to the needy. Two places chosen i.e. villages in Carenang and in Cikande, Serang, Banten. The region is determined because the rated most difficult get clean water.

The help clean water come using transport trucks. Location of delivery starts from the village of Walikukun in Carenang at 10.00 am and then continues to the Cikande. Of the photographs presented in the official release of TEVCI locals look enthusiastically lining up while carrying a bucket.

“Thank God I’m so glad with the help of clean water, that can help our citizens who are the difficulty of clean water. I thanked him once to TEVCI and Velozity, may still care about one another, “said Asep, head of Walikukun.

Meanwhile, Chairman TEVCI, Tamhid Amali said, channeling the water clean as this is the first, but will not stop when it is felt there are still areas in need.

“Hopefully the help clean water can be beneficial to residents who receive. This includes our social agenda, previously we often also do like blood donation, emissions testing, medical examinations, and assistance to orphanages, the elderly and victims of disaster, “said Tamhid.

Electric Scooter Last Mile Surfer from Volkswagen can go in car trunk

Reputable car manufacturer of origin Germany, Volswagen (VW), is preparing a new vehicle products in the form of a scooter. Its name is the Last Mile Surfers who have a form of futuristic enough. The good news, this scooter will no longer be marketed. Later scooters that operates with electric power is becoming strong competitors of the brand of the Segway.

Cited page of Oto Leftanenews, Seconds later the VW scooters can be used as a tool for mobile activity. There are three cars and can be used as a vehicle shuttle. For example take harga yamaha mt 25 terbaru the driver of the car from the parking lot toward the workplace, or vice versa. Therefore, VW has the target consumers are those in urban areas. They often mamarkirkan his car quite a distance from where the intended recipients and may be tiring of the foot when walking.

The size of the scooter Last Mile Surfer is pretty mini. Pirantinya can be put in a car trunk by way of folding it. It weighs only 11 pounds. When enabled, this scooter steering handlebars can grow so comfortable to wear as a means to control the speed and direction of the running control. As a source of power lithium-ion battery pack that can be used for journeys of up to 20 kilometres when fully charged.

The question of speed has not been confirmed by VW. But due to worn to substitute walking, chances are its speed slightly faster than people who are walking or running. Minimum functions to prevent someone tired can be fulfilled.

The price offered for the scooter Last Mile this Surfer around Rp 14 million per unit. Estimated launch in 2016. In that year also featured the plan from Japan manufacturers which will also release of robot ridable berjuuk Winglet that has the same functionality as the Segway.

Lexus IS 200t Powered Gahar Sold 3 August 2015, starting price Rp 500 Million

Lexus IS 200t released with prices around Usd 500 million to Usd 542 millions. This car for a while will be available in Japan starting August 3, 2015. This vehicle is expected to be the choice for automotive consumers who crave big-powered vehicles.

On Lexus IS 200t, FR engine embedded in the kitchen was already complete with turbo. Turbo in-line engine of 2.0 liters of the may issue of power to 245 PS. In addition it has also harga honda sonic 150r repsol edition been equipped twin scroll turbo charger and Dual VVT-iW through expansion of the angle varabel. 200t is also wearing D-4ST injection system for the treatment of its fuel saving FUEL usage.

In addition, the use of this injection system takes part raises big torque but in lower rounds. Premises so acceleration becomes more smooth. All of it combined with an automatic transmission electronicallu 8 controlled acceleration. The sporty look of the car bak impression from here. Then, there’s the performance put a damper on the front for the sake of getting sharper handling and control.

Presence IS 200t become partners from IS 300h (AWD) and IS 350. The price for IS 300 h is 4.999.000 yen to 6.278.000 yen or roughly Rp 544 millions – Rp 683 millions. For 350h price IS starting to 5.443.000 yen-6.190.000 yen or approximately Usd 592 millions to Rp 684 millions.

Lexus IS300h (AWD) one step more advanced than IS 200t. The car has been equipped with a Torsen LSD makes the front and rear wheels being powered. The system also performs the distribution of torque transmission so that it was able to increase the dar performance and handling is good. Lexus also has been improving the accuracy of counter gears so it can lower the noise level.

Pertalite has been officially marketed some time ago

Pertalite has been officially marketed some time ago. This promising fuel quality is better than the kind of Premium, however lower than the Builtin. Price not to be embedded is far from Premium by approximately Rp 1,000. Pertaliter price of Rp 8,400 per liter and this number still promo price.

Indeed not all GAS STATIONS provide Pertalite. Pertamina recently did the market test harga yamaha nmax jakarta conducted in several cities. In the future, fuel is immediately distributed nationwide and is expected to become an attraction for the public to switch from subsidized or Premium fuel.

Quoted from pages Okezone, between Pertalite with Premium has a number of fundamental differences. Pertalite are produced with the highest levels of octane or research octane number (RON) of 91. Meanwhile Premium only got RON 88. Both of these values are making both have different usage on engine type motor according to the ratio of its.

Premium fit only to be used for the motor had a compression ratio of the engine under 9.0. Meanwhile, Pertalite is highly recommended for motor vehicle engines have a compression ratio 9.0 – 10.0. The actual motor output that most already have a compression ratio of the engine above 9.0 inappropriate again using Premium.

Low octane value with high machine ratio thus may give rise to effects that make knocking power declined and fuel wastage occurs. Prolonged Knoking thus could harm the piston.

In addition, Pertalite is more environmentally friendly. Fuel with clear green color has no lead content which endanger health. While it’s less environmentally friendly Premium. Air emissions are produced from Premium is greater